The White Man’s Guide to White Male Writers of the Western Canon

How do you use ‘taraddidle’ in a sentence? Is it possible to make a Gin Ricky that’s also a metaphor for the American Dream?  How can you tell your Faulkner from your Franzen if you haven’t actually read either?

Allow me, the @GuyInYourMFA, to expound on the most important (aka white male) writers of western literature. You’ve probably seen me around, observing the masses, or defying the wind by hand-rolling a cigarette outside a local, fair-trade coffeeshop. I’ve actually read Infinite Jest 9½ times. Care to discuss?

Select praise

“Schwartz gives her most famous creation, the Twitter parody account @GuyInYourMFA, free reign to speak his opinion in this hilarious book, cathartic for anyone who’s ever taken an English class. With characteristic conceitedness (which, of course, he’d deny he has), @GuyinYourMFA goes over the white male writers who have dominated curricula for all too long.”

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The White Man's Guide to White Male Writers of the Western Canon book cover

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